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Why You Need To Test Yearly For Heartworms

Heartworm Life Cycle Mosquito Bite When a mosquito bites, it injects the microfilariae into a new dog. Migration Small, microscopic worms migrate under the skin and eventually enter the dog's blood stream. About six months after the initial mosquito bite, the microfilariae arrive at the heart.

Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease in dogs is caused by a bacterium spread by ticks. Lyme disease is zoonotic- meaning it affects both animals and humans. Symptoms Fever Loss of appetite Lameness Joint Swelling

Keep Your Pet Smiling

Does your pet suffer from stinky breath, inflamed gums, or maybe trouble eating? Pet dental care is important, not only to keep their breath fresh but because tooth and gum disease can have negative effects on their kidney, liver, and heart.

Our New Years Focus

We believe that veterinary medicine works best when people and pets are more than clients and patients. When we get to know the real you. What worries you, what you want, what your pet needs. Here, we find a thousand ways to show you we care. Not the least of which is helping your pet [...]

Holiday Pet Tips

December is bringing snow and cold weather. Unfortunately, there are dangers in helping pets stay warm. A lot of pets are inside homes and cozy however, many animals are happy living outside. For those outdoor enthusiast our advise is to use straw to keep them warm in place of blankets that will freeze. Livestock outdoors [...]

2023 in Review

As we wrap up the year lets take a look at our biggest project yet, the clinic remodel! The exterior has recieved a whole facelift! With the remodel, an expansion has been added onto the side of the building to make a larger foyer. Making it easier for people waiting for the front desk and [...]

Your Guide To Senior Pet Care

November is Mobility Month at Alpena Veterinary Clinic! With advancements in veterinary medicine and research over the past few decades, our pets are living longer, healthier, and happier lives than ever before. While this is wonderful for the human-pet relationship, it also means that we need to be aware of changes in our animals as [...]

New Generation of Care with Laser Therapy

SUMMUS MEDICAL LASER We have added a Class IV Medical Laser to our veterinary tool box. We considered purchasing a laser for many years and it took Dr. Jack hurting her back to see the benefit of having one. Dr. Jack was in moderate pain when she allowed the sales rep to demonstrate the healing [...]

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