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Dentistry for dogs and cats.

Dental Disease

Does your pet have bad breath? Rubbing at the side of their face? Drooling? Refusing treats or hard food? Difficulty chewing?

Your pet may have periodontal or dental disease.

Did you know the buildup of tartar on your pet’s teeth is an accumulation of bacteria, saliva, and food particles that can lead to severe dental disease, tooth loss, and decay?

  • We provide oral exams with all of our appointments
  • We preform dental radio graphs if they are needed
  • If a dental cleaning is needed, it is performed by our Licensed Veterinary Technician using a combination of hand scalers and an ultrasonic scaler
  • The teeth are then polished to remove any scratches that allow for the quick accumulation of more tartar
  • If a tooth is found to be damaged and beyond repair, it is extracted by the veterinarian

Dental health is important not only because we want your pet to keep its teeth as long as possible, but also periodontal disease can lead to bone loss of the jaw and damage to the heart, liver, and kidneys.