AVC_ServicesOffered_Equine--element92Both Dr. Jack and Dr. Greenfield are skilled at diagnosing lameness in the horse. Our Equine Treatment Center is ideal for lameness examinations. It provides an indoor arena to evaluate lameness under saddle and also provides an indoor treatment area for further diagnostics.

Some of the tools that we use to diagnose lameness include:

  • Flexion tests
  • Nerve blocks
  • Digital radiographs
  • Ultrasound

Digital radiographs allow the doctor to examine bones for fractures and arthritis. We have the latest technology in digital radiography, which allows us to develop the images within minutes. The ultrasound allows the doctor to evaluate the integrity of ligaments, tendons, and joints of the legs.

Various treatments for lameness include:

  • Joint injections
  • Spinal adjustments
  • Minor surgeries
  • Pain relievers
  • Joint supplements