All of us at AVC understand how frustrating and difficult it can be to have a pet with skin abnormalities. Every year we examine hundreds of pets for itching, fur loss, redness, and skin tumors. We strive to determine the cause the skin abnormalities at the first visit.

In order to achieve this goal we use :

  • skin scrapings
  • tape preps
  • skin cultures
  • and other tests, such as bloodwork.

Every year we attend dermatology meetings to brush up on any new treatments that are available for helping the pet with skin problems. Our team is excited to get to the bottom of a pet’s skin problem. We have a variety of medications, shampoos, and flea treatments to help your pet.

“After several visits to different vets in the Detroit area with poor to non-existent results for my dog’s skin. I decided to visit my sister in Alpena and see her vet. On the first visit, they did several tests to discover what the problem was and sent me home with medication. The medication started to work almost immediately. I was surprised and delighted when Dr. Jack called 3 days later to see if there was progress. There was most definitely progress. We are in for our follow-up now and Brodie looks wonderful!” – Kathy Kivell